The tickets are personalised and limited.

After receipt of payment and personalisation, the ticket will be sent to you via email. For the sake of the environment, there are no hard tickets. Please download your digital ticket to your mobile phone before arrival (there is only sporadic mobile phone reception).

Ticket purchases cannot be revoked as a matter of principle. 

If there are any tickets left over from the advance sale, they will be sold at the box office. More information will follow!

Arrival & Departure

For the journey to our beautiful festival area you have to enter the following address into your navigation system: Zollhäuser 2, 08648 Bad Brambach

A large part of the CO2 emissions of our festival is caused by the travel of our visitors to and from the festival. Therefore we recommend to use environmentally friendly alternatives like train or bus as a contribution to climate protection. Information about the shuttle service will follow.

Info follows

To protect the environment as much as possible, a car-sharing portal is a good idea. You still have room in your car? Then please post your travel details on a carpooling portal and take a Lugilan with you. 

Arrival is possible from Wednesday, 17.08.2022 12:00. Departure must take place by Monday, 22.08.2022 at 20:00 at the latest.


The walking distance from the car park/camping to the festival area is approx. 8 minutes.


As the car park surface is a meadow, the parking of motorbikes is only possible to a limited extent.


Camping is included with the purchase of a festival ticket. You will receive a wristband when you show your tickets. More information about the opening hours of the wristband stand will follow.



Your wristband serves as an entry control for the car park, camping and festival area - no entry without wristband. The camping area is physically separated from the festival area. The walking time is approx. 8 minutes.

If you want to park your vehicle at the campsite, there are car camping tickets that you can buy in advance for €15. Note that you can only enter the campsite once.


Vehicles may not exceed a maximum total mass of 3.5 t and a length of 8 m. There are only a limited number of spaces available for vehicles.


Good to know: There is no water and electricity connection for motorhomes.

There are showers, toilets and washing facilities in sufficient numbers at the campsite. Please use these as well. Those who do their business outside the specially equipped areas must expect consequences.

There is a small kiosk on the festival grounds where you can buy tobacco, hygiene products and much more.

The food at the Lugila Festival is vegetarian and vegan. All info on what delicacies will be available will be coming soon!

Our breakfast corner at the campsite will provide you with delicious vegetarian and vegan delicacies, cold drinks and coffee. Other food stalls are located on the festival grounds.

Of course, you are also allowed to eat your own food and drink on the camping site. Please pay attention to the strict ban on glass.

For fire safety reasons, open fires, for example fires in fire bowls, are prohibited.


Permitted are gas cookers, hot plates and grills where the gas container is screwed or plugged directly into the cooking appliance. Designs that require a hose between the container and the cooking appliance are not permitted. This also applies to gas containers over 250 g.

There are several rubbish islands on the campsite. Please separate your waste into the bins provided and take precautions to avoid excessive waste production. If possible, avoid heavily packaged goods. Please also use your own ashtrays or those provided to you.


When you collect your wristband, you will receive a rubbish bag and a rubbish deposit tag for a fee of €10. If you return the filled bag and tag at the end of the festival, you will get the €10 back.

There is an absolute ban on glass in the entire camping and festival area.

There is a water station at the campsite that gives you free access to drinking water. Remember to bring reusable bottles (no glass) to fill up. If possible, bring your own drinking water supply as we are not connected to the water system.

The campsite serves as a recreational area so that everyone can get the sleep they need and take a relaxing break. Therefore, please refrain from using large music systems, also for the sake of the residents living in the immediate vicinity.

Feel Safe

During the whole festival there is a trained team - consisting of doctors, psychologists and trained helpers - who implement our awareness structures and psychological support.


In our shelter, affected persons can retreat at any time with a carer. If you can't find a team member, please ask at the nearest bar or at the awareness stand.



We are all AWARE! Everyone should be mindful and actively help with this important issue. Take care of others and be respectful to each other.

Our professional security staff are charged with enforcing our safety and hygiene concept. In the event of misconduct, they are charged with enforcing our house rules.

If at any time you feel unsafe or have a problem, don't be afraid to speak to the Securities.

In the event of severe storms or other disasters, please follow the instructions of the security staff and the organisers at all times. Stay away from trees and stage structures.

A professional ambulance service will be on site for the entire duration of the festival. If you need help, please contact the bar staff or the paramedics directly.


You will receive a small festival brochure from us when you pick up your wristband. On it you will find information about the line-up, the festival and an overview map. An info point will be stationed on the festival grounds.

Our beautiful grounds are very important to us.We have placed numerous waste disposal facilities on the festival grounds to avoid littering. If we catch someone throwing their rubbish on the ground, they will get a slap on the wrist!

To keep it as free of cigarette butts as possible, we will distribute small pocket ashtrays at the cash desk. This will give you a constant companion when you are out and about so that you don't dispose of your cigarette butts in the environment.


We have a general ban on confetti. Even "environmentally friendly" alternatives are foreign bodies in nature that we do not tolerate.

The Lugila Festival does not provide a public Wi-Fi connection. The mobile phone network is also very capricious and goes as fast as it comes. There are no charging stations at our festival. Enjoy the moment of freedom!

Please respect the privacy of other visitors. Photos and videos are not allowed on the premises.

Due to the natural terrain of the event and camping area, the Lugila Festival is only partially barrier-free. We are working on expanding the festival area so that all areas will soon be barrier-free.


If you need special requirements, we are available to answer your questions. Please contact us via e-mail at

There will not be a closed family area at the Lugila Festival this year. However, if you bring your children with you, no entrance fee will be charged for them up to and including the age of 14 years. Please supervise your children at all times and take responsibility.

Please leave your animals at home! The environment on and around the Lugila Festival site is not suitable for animals.

Please refrain from leaving your graffiti or other tags on objects. Anyone caught doing so will have to pay for the damage and will be expelled from the festival. There are plenty of other opportunities to let your creativity run free.


The Corona regulations at the Lugila Festival are in accordance with the Infection Protection Measures Ordinance of the government in Saxony. More detailed information will follow.




If you have corona symptoms, you will not be allowed on the festival site. If you develop symptoms during the festival, please contact the paramedics on site.

Please observe the usual hygiene measures that help to contain the pandemic. This includes regular hand washing and disinfection.


Feel free to apply at 

Apply here to become a volunteer. As soon as we are ready, we will contact you.