Mira is that rare kind of DJ whose music can immediately transport you into her world -a midnight circus in Berlin, where time loses all definition and anything becomes possible.As a resident at Bar25, Kater Holzig and her current home of Kater Blau, Mira has been a defining proponent of a deeper, more soulful and organic kind of dance music.Her yearly birthday events at Kater Blau ‘Katzen Tanzen auf’m Tisch’ attract thousands of international visitors every year, and have hosted a multitude of previously unknown artists who have now gone on to tour the globe.In the studio and behind the decks, Mira often collaborates with her partner-in-crime Christopher Schwarzwälder, and the two of them have released a host of chart-topping singles.Mira has been at the top of her game for the past twenty years, continuously shaping the sounds around her, and never ceasing to push inspiring new artists. As happy playing at a small underground club in East Germany in the 90s as she is playing to thousands of festival-goers at BurningMan -Mira is one of those artists of whom you can truly say that she’s doing it for the love of the music.
Kater Blau | Zero | Mayan Warrior